Always, onward.


I am not the world's best backpacker. I have not summited a tremendous number of peaks, nor am I necessarily agile when weighed down by my pack.  In many ways, you could actually say that I am terrible at backpacking. I struggle to light a match for fear of getting burned, even when starving for my next meal. While traipsing along a cliff-side, a mere glance at the drop below is enough to paralyze me for a few minutes as I grapple with my fear of heights.  And yet, I heed the call of the mountains despite, or perhaps because of, these challenges. 

This year, I will undertake my largest challenge yet: hiking 2,200 miles from Georgia to Maine.  

In recent years, backpacking has offered a space for reflection amidst the natural beauty of the world. It has become central to my own self-understanding, and so while on the Trail, I hope to inspire others to continue their journey in finding balance. This website serves as a space to document my own experiences on the trail and as a platform to raise awareness for therapy and mental health. 


My Plan

Learn more about why I am doing the Appalachian Trail, follow my trip in real time, and see how to communicate with me while I'm hiking.



In raising funds for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at U.Va., I hope to help students take their Next Steps.

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