Reliving the Journey

Over the course of 2,189 miles, I managed to snap over 3,500 photos. As you can imagine, it's taken some time to go through all of them and select my favorites. The gallery below is a collection of my favorites. I hope that you enjoy exploring my journey visually as much as I did reliving it. I'm still planning to do at least one more post about hiking tips, but life off-trail has been busier than expected! I'll try to find the time to write soon.

Note: I'd suggest clicking the "two arrow" button at the bottom left to view the pictures larger. Scroll with your mouse or arrows to move through the album. If you click on a picture, I've titled them so that you'll either see where they are located or another comment I've made about it (in the bottom left-hand corner).


If you're experiencing any trouble with the above slideshow, try using this link to view them.