The final mail stops!

I've made it to New Hampshire! 2 states left!

I was able to look ahead to figure out these dates. Fourth of July is messing a bit with any mail in the next few days, but these towns are places I'll be stopping in on my way to Katahdin. As always, mark General Delivery in the address so that they'll hold it for me.

Arrive by 7/5: Andover, ME 04216 Arrive by 7/8: Stratton, ME 04982 Arrive by 7/12: Monson, ME 04464

Monson will be my LAST mail drop, after it I'll head into the Hundred Mile Wilderness and summit Katahdin. Because of that, I'd prefer if you'd send food to either Andover or Stratton and send letters of support to Monson.

Thank you for all of your support and I look forward to hearing from you!