One month down!

First, a word about mail. I learned the hard way that if you plan on mailing me anything, it's got to be through the US Postal Service. UPS and fedex won't work. Also, on the topic of mail, feel free to send me food :-) I'm literally a bottomless pit and my tastes have changed. Many of you will be surprised to hear that I've craved sweets--I've even eaten an entire jar of frosting! Here are the next mail stops:

Arrive by 4/14: Pearisburg, VA 24134

Arrive by 4/19: Daleville, VA 24083

Now onto the more exciting stuff! Here's a by the numbers recap of March!

Days on the trail: 31

Zero days: 1

Near-o days (less than 8 miles): 5

Miles covered: 401.9!!

Average mileage: 12.96 miles/day

Average in the past week: 18.36 miles/day

Starting body weight: 161 lbs.

Current body weight: 149 lbs.

Starting base pack weight (no food/water): 31 lbs.

Current base pack weight: 25 lbs.

TRAIL MAGIC: 13 times!!

Wildlife seen: 4 deer, 1 horse, 1 snake, some hawks, falcons, and woodpeckers, and countless mice, chipmunks, and squirrels. And some trail dogs if you count those!

Number of wipe outs: 3 (this is actually pretty low compared to others, and one was because of that crazy wind).

Number of times I've gotten lost: 2

Number of snow storms: 2

Near death experiences: 1

Times I've regretted this trip: 0!!