Trail Break, Mail, and May Review!

I know, I know. I've been horrible with the Post Office updates. The good news is that I have been completely spoiled these past few days with Trail Magic, both from friends I know and unexpected strangers. Now, I am taking my third and final break from the AT to participate in a pre-graduate school conference. It won't be as relaxing as my past two vacations from the Trail, but it'll offer me some good insight as I prepare for my next adventure! It's made planning out my next town stop a little tricky, but I expect to be in Massachusetts before long.

Arrive by: 6/15, Williamstown, MA 01267

And now, onto May's Recap!

Total days on the trail: 92

Total zero days: 13

Total near-o days (less than 8 miles): 9

Total miles covered: 1409.0

Total average mileage: 15.32 miles/day

Average mileage for May: 17.66 miles/day

Starting body weight: 161 lbs.

Current body weight: 142 lbs.


Wildlife seen this month: 2 bears! What feels like a million snakes (but is probably closer to 100). Plenty of silk worms and mosquitoes, and even a few ticks.

Total number of wipe outs: 7 (These rocks are slick!)

Times I've wanted to quit: 1, I had a really tough day towards the end of PA and it was the first time I reconsidered being out here.

Times I've cried: 1, in contrast to the above, I had a pretty magical moment in NY where I was overwhelmed with how far I had come (both physically and emotionally) on this trip and cried tears of joy.

Total dollars raised for Next Steps: $2,816! I'd love to reach $6,600 by the end--$3 for each mile I will have walked. Close to halfway!