And we're back!

My week off in Charlottesville was so restorative! I saw tons of friends, ate great food, showered more than I want to admit, and gained back about 8 pounds! Of course, the highlight was getting to take part in the wedding of two of my best friends--Matt and Claire. My parents were in town for it, too, since my Dad officiated; so great!

It was hard leaving on Sunday, but was made easier by the arrival of my cousin Shannon who will join me for about two weeks.

I'll keep this post short, but wanted to share my next post office stop. We're still figuring out our pace together so it's hard to post too many towns ahead, but I'm doing my best to guesstimate.

Arrive by 5/10: Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Finally, people have asked what has been the most helpful items I've received in packages, so I thought I'd share. Protein bars and candy bars are always appreciated. I got little Nutella packets once which was awesome because they're light and tasty. I've also gotten tiny Tabasco sauce bottle (maybe 1 oz) and packets of olive oil--both light but add flavor/fat to my dinners. I always feel a little weird requesting food because I promise I am eating well, so please don't feel pressured to send me anything. Mail is just as fun to get as packages!