RSS Feed and April Review

I've had a few people ask for a way to subscribe to my blog, so I am testing this out. I'm hoping that it works! Fingers crossed! I've also tried to allow for comments on the we'll see if these changes actually happen.

Now, onto the April Recap:

Total days on the trail: 60

Total zero days: 7 (Extended vacation in Charlottesville helped)

Total near-o days (less than 8 miles): 7

Total miles covered: 861.3!

Total average mileage: 14.35 miles/day

Average mileage for April: 15.84 miles/day

Starting body weight: 161 lbs.

Current body weight: 151 lbs. (Gained a lot of weight back with these days in Cville!)

Starting base pack weight (no food/water): 31 lbs.

Current base pack weight: 22 lbs. (Yay summer gear!)

TRAIL MAGIC: 27 TIMES! So grateful!

Wildlife seen this month: A Bobcat, PONIES!, 1 snake (this was a big one), and countless deer.

Total number of wipe outs: 4

Total number of times I've gotten lost: 3

Total number of snow storms: 3

Total near death experiences: 1

Total dollars raised for Next Steps: $1966